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Startups vie for investors in UAE

Some 500 startups from all over the world will showcase their groundbreaking products and services at the AIM Startup in Dubai on 8 to...

Sarah G performs at Pope Francis UAE visit

In a social media post, Geronimo wowed the audience with performances that included inspirational, vaguely religious songs such as “The Prayer,” and “The Climb,” OPM anthem “Noypi,” and her classic hit, “Forever’s not Enough.”

DFA warns on social media job offers

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Tuesday issued a warning to the public not to accept job offers outright on social media and...

Dubai ruler launches prosperity plan

Dubai's ruler has introduced a charter pledging to enhance life in Dubai in the next 50 years. The charter titled "The Fifty-Year Charter" aims to...

UAE passport up in power ranking

The United Arab Emirates' passport moved to No. 8 from No. 9 in the ranking of the world's most powerful passport. The country, together with...

Improving standards of living

DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates has world-class amenities to offer to residents and visitors alike to enjoy. No wonder, the UAE residents – and...
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PayPal manages online payment risk thru data science

PayPal anchors its risk management on data science. #PayPalsecurity #securedigitaltransactions

Marikina pigs still being tested for ASF

53 Chinese women rescued from sex den

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