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Trillanes posts bail

The cases are pending before the Davao City (RTC) Branch 54, which last 7 December issued a warrant for his arrest.

Payback time

Trillanes attacked Duterte in the 2016 elections when it became apparent that he posed the largest threat to the continued stay in power of the Yellows and sustained the offensive ever since.

Calida ‘forgives’ Trillanes over amnesty form row

Calida said the government is not singling out Trillanes but admitted that only Trillanes’ amnesty application is being reviewed “for the moment.”

Trillanes and the Theater of Treachery

Trillanes was supposed to have accused him and the then secretary of Foreign Affairs of “manipulating a war condition to divert attention from the Reed Bank.”

Much ado over nothing

It was actually Trillanes who abused his privilege as a senator when he turned the AFP budget hearing into some sort of inquisition against the military in a bid to extricate himself from his legal woes.

Let Trillanes address warrant to courts — Palace

The arrest order came weeks after President Duterte voided the amnesty that revived charges against him for failed uprisings in 2003 and 2007.
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OPEC output assessment starts

OPEC and the International Energy Agency said earlier this month that global oil supply fell in April due to US sanctions on Iran tightened and OPEC+ production cuts.

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