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DFA assures assistance to Pinoys in tanker explosion

The DFA said that two of the nine wounded in a nearby tanker which caught fire due to the explosion were also reported to be Filipinos. #DFA #PinoysInTankerExplosion

US files illegal fishing complaint against S.Korea under free trade pact

US authorities for the first time filed a complaint against South Korea under environmental rules of the free trade pact between Seoul and Washington, over illegal fishing.

Kim sends missile ‘warning’ to SoKor

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un says the country's latest missile launches were a warning to Washington and Seoul over their joint war games as tensions rise on the Korean peninsula.

NoKor fires unidentified projectiles into the sea

North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles into the sea, the first launches in more than two months as North Korean and U.S. officials work to restart nuclear diplomacy.

Moscow denies violation of SoKor airspace

Moscow denied that its aircraft had violated South Korean airspace, saying its jets had carried out planned drills over international waters.

SoKor fired warning shots at Russian military jet

South Korea said it fired warning shots at a Russian military aircraft on Tuesday after it violated the country's airspace off its east coast.
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Davao Sur town under state of calamity

Municipal information officer Anthony Allada said the Municipal Engineer’s Office estimated the cost of damage at P200 million. #Magsaysaycalamity #earthquake #DavaodelSur

Heruela swapped for DiGregorio

Tigers show Bulldogs the door

Dam burst at gold mine kills 13

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