Tags #sex

Tag: #sex

‘Fleshing out’ Porn Hub’s data

PERCENTAGE-WISE vis-à-vis their male counterparts, Filipino women were the most voracious viewers of pornography among the fairer sex for the whole of 2017 based...

‘Down with decency! Lovemaking should be as easy as drinking water’

OCTOBER 1917 brought not only political but also sexual revolution to Russia, with the early Soviets promoting female emancipation and the end of the...

Spice up your sex life with Malaysia’s spicy condoms

A MALAYSIAn condom company is hoping to spice up sex lives with a contraceptive that tastes like the country's ultimate comfort food -- a...
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US-backed Syria rebels seize, burn ‘jihadist’ drugs

BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Syrian rebels backed by the US-led coalition have seized a massive drug stash worth around $1.4...

Peso, local stocks plummet anew

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