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Tag: Koko Pimentel

Koko 10th in Pulse ranking

The strong showing of administration senatorial candidates “reflects the public’s support for the Duterte Administration.

Koko: Filipino businessmen bullish

The Philippines ranking highest among Southeast Asian nations in terms of economic outlook in 2019 is a sign that the Duterte Administration “is on...

Koko urges action against foreign trash in PH

"We're not someone else's dumping ground. The Philippines should assert its dignity and co-equal standing as a sovereign state in the community of nations....

Koko: Return of Balangiga Bells timely

Sen. Pimentel filed Senate Resolution No. 610 more than seven years ago on 28 September 2011 seeking the return of the bells and other war artifacts taken by US troops at the turn of the 20th century.

Pimentel insists on abolition of Road Board

Senator Koko Pimentel is angry over this move of the House of Representatives.

Koko to Sara: Run for Senate

In asking Sara to run, Pimentel said the President’s daughter in the Senate would give Mindanao a bigger voice and influence on certain key national issues, including the national budget.
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Rains, trains, interminable traffic

“By removing bus terminals off EDSA, Cubao may eventually shed its reputation as traffic hell.

Joint out of joint

March to victory vowed vs Reds

PCOO hopes FOI OK next year

Jumbo trafficking

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