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Ninja cops to be revealed soon — Go

The senator noted that the President could announce the names of ninja cops within the week and added that Duterte will also place a bounty on the heads of the ninja cops, once they are identified. #goSenatorGo #ninjacops #Duterte

Go supports revision on Human Security Act

Moreover, schools, learning centers and training institutions found promoting or encouraging acts of violence, extremism, or terrorist acts shall have their licenses revoked and shall immediately cease operation. #goSenatorGo #SenateHearing

Go starts legislative work

With his first ten proposed measures as Senator, Go has vowed to further pursue legislations that will make government programs more responsive to the needs of every Filipino and to make sure that the progress attained during the Duterte administration is realized and felt by everyone. #goSenatorGo #workingSenator #BongGo

Go thanks Dabawenyos on his birthday

He added that in his 21 years of experience in public service along with President Duterte, he is now ready to continue his people-centered and service-oriented advocacies in the Senate.

Go pushes for PhilHealth scam probe

He also shared to the media that the President had asked PhilHealth officials to submit their courtesy resignation.
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737 MAX fault found

A Boeing pilot behind the 737 MAX certification in 2016 told a colleague a key flight handling system was "running rampant" during simulator tests.
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