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Drilon: Self-governance possible without Cha-cha

THERE is no need to revise the Constitution or shift to a federal form of government to achieve autonomy or self-governance for the local...

Drilon proposes Boracay administrator

SENATE Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon on Wednesday urged the creation of a single body that will take over the development and management of...

Drilon questions appeasement policy on China

SENATE Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon has urged the Duterte administration to review its policy of appeasement and accommodation on China, saying it does not...

Drilon welcomes French senator

SENATE Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon (right) presents a token of appreciation to visiting French Senator Jean-Yves Leconte during a courtesy call at the...

Drilon sad of infighting at SC

SENATE Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon said Tuesday he was saddened by the rumblings and infighting at the Supreme Court. "I don’t feel good about...

Drilon seeks anti-dynasty provision in BBL

SENATE Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon on Monday proposed that a provision that will prohibit political dynasties be included in the draft Bangsamoro Basic...
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Why does Saudis hate Qataris?

PH wins first 2 medals in Asian Games

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