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Facebook removes 652 ‘Russia, Iran’ pages

Will Facebook also remove PH accounts, groups and pages that mislead political behavior?

Facebook tests Augmented Reality ads in News Feed for U.S. users

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10 (Xinhua) -- Facebook is testing Augmented Reality (AR) technology in ads in News Feed that aims to give users better...

Facebook not a monopoly, Zuckerberg insists

FACEBOOK chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told lawmakers Tuesday that he does not believe his company is a monopoly. Zuckerberg rejected the suggestion in a Senate...

Facebook bans ads for bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies

SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook's two billion users won't be seeing advertisements on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the social media giant banned such ads...

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube pressed over terror content

WASHINGTON, United States -- Terrorists and hate groups continue to get their propaganda onto social media platforms despite efforts by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube...

Why Facebook wants you to send it your nude pics

FACEBOOK is trying to combat "revenge porn" by encouraging users in Australia to submit their nude photos to a pilot project designed to prevent intimate...
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Submarine missing since year ago found

The Seabed Constructor, a vessel owned by US search firm Ocean Infinity, made the discovery.

Pence, Xi exchange barbs at Pacific summit

US, Australia, PNG to build naval base

Idiots can’t try me

Female call center agent gunned down

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