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Energy-funded LGU projects inspected

The direct remittance of financial benefits to host communities would lead to a considerable increase in public sector projects to be realized by host LGU and their distribution utilities, which would redound to the benefit of their respective constituents and customers, according to Cusi.

Duterte signs energy conservation bill

The Department of Energy (DoE) will lead implementation of the new measure and all government agencies are required to ensure the efficient use of power in their respective facilities.

Luzon grid stable

Luzon grid proved a stable platform on Sunday that allowed the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines to issue a Normal Condition advisory for...

DoE-DPWH inter-agency task force seen

The Inter-agency Task Force was created to ensure the immediate removal and relocation of obstructing electrical facilities that still exist along the national highways.

DoE to consumers: Save energy

World oil prices are steadily climbing to high levels due to economic and geopolitical factors.

Save energy in 2019–DoE

Save money by using LED lighting system. You can save at most 86% energy by switching from incandescent bulb to LED or 50% savings from compact fluorescent lamp to LED.
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US senator warns Hong Kong becoming ‘police state’ as thousands rally

Hong Kong, China AFP — Hong Kong is sliding towards becoming a police state, US senator Josh Hawley warned...

Apology cuts Bo’s suspension to 2 games

Eagles bag first Final 4 slot

Leni to PET: Uphold rules on poll protest

Panelo: Duterte doesn’t use sirens

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