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Tag: #bsp

Gross international reserves up — BSP

BSP announced that the Philippines’ gross international reserves (GIR) grew for the sixth straight month in April.

Monetary policy needs review — BSP

The policy tightening would “eventually” bring inflation back to the 2 to 4 percent target as consumer prices rose 4.5 percent in January.

Gov’t optimistic of disinflation in coming months

MALACANANG remains confident that inflation may see its end in the coming months despite averaging 6.2 percent in the third quarter of this year,...

GIR dips anew, sets another 7-year low

The BSP does not target a particular exchange rate but enters and exits the so-called foreign exchange market to buy or sell dollars as and when required. It sells via conduit banks some of its dollar holdings and by this measure effectively makes the peso expensive.

Current account deficit to exceed 2%

The country’s current account deficit is forecast to exceed 2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) with more imports than exports, according to investment...

PH trade imbalance widens

Both the debt and equity markets behave “on expectations of higher rates” anticipated from the Bangko Sentral ng Pillipinas.
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OIC suspends AIBA

Lausanne-based AIBA said it is near bankruptcy with debts of about $17 million. #AIBA #IOC #Olympicstatus #boxing #amateurboxing

Rains, trains, interminable traffic

Joint out of joint

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