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Tax amnesty to benefit Filipinos

A huge financial burden and family worries are lifted from the shoulders of many Filipino families and small businesses because they can avail of the tax amnesty and pay at today's lower rates.

Calida ‘forgives’ Trillanes over amnesty form row

Calida said the government is not singling out Trillanes but admitted that only Trillanes’ amnesty application is being reviewed “for the moment.”

Trillanes has 10 days to submit comment – Makati RTC

Trillanes said among the lawyers who will represent him are former University of the Philippines College of Law Dean Pacifico Agabin, former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, law professor Joselito Chan, and the senator’s chief legal

Amnesty without contrition

If one were to go deeper into the arguments that the political opposition has taken on the revocation of the amnesty granted by Benigno...

Amnesty invalid from the start — Panelo

"The power to grant of amnesty as well as pardon is exclusive to the President. You cannot delegate that power to any alter ego," Panelo said.
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OPEC output assessment starts

OPEC and the International Energy Agency said earlier this month that global oil supply fell in April due to US sanctions on Iran tightened and OPEC+ production cuts.

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