UAE woos investors in space industry

"The governments want to push private sectors into investing in space and this is the right thing for sustainability.

Activists urge Amazon to drop facial recognition for police

MORE than 30 activist groups led by the American Civil Liberties Union urged Amazon Tuesday to stop providing facial recognition...

Trump’s advice to May: Sue EU

LONDON — In the midst of a messy political crisis at home over Britain’s impending exit from the European...

Israel admits 2007 Syrian nuke reactor strike

JERUSALEM, Undefined -- Israel's military admitted for the first time Wednesday it was responsible for a 2007 air raid...

US-led strike on regime positions kills 12 in east Syria: monitor

BEIRUT, Lebanon -- A US-led coalition air strike on Syrian army positions overnight killed at least 12 pro-regime fighters...

Indonesia island earthquake kills 82

Houses were collapsing in Lombok Island, Indonesia Sunday night.
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