How to greet your teacher

Greeting your teacher this way can become viral.

Japanese farmers are using ducks instead of pesticides

DISCLAIMER The video/audio/image appearing herein is for editorial/news use only. All rights to the said materials belong to the rightful...

Monsoon ‘Boom Boom’

When the neighborhood is flooded and there's nothing else to do, this girl will amuse you.

10 Weakest Armies in Asia in 2018 – Military / Army...

When we look at the strongest militaries in Asia, there is little doubt that there’s a big four: Russia (which is technically Eurasian), China, Japan, and India.

How Long Can You Survive If All The Plants In The...

Plants also dictate Earth’s climate and the habitats we live in.

Price of canned goods up

Senior citizen discount ni lola hindi umubra sa presyo ng de lata.
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