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Manila asks Iran to free Filipino seaman

Ambassador to Iran Fred Santos is contacting Iranian authorities to seek assurance that the Filipino seafarer is safe and will be released soon. #seizedUKtanker #StraitOfHormuz #Filipinoseaman

Pulong to be deputy speaker

Rep. Cayetano thanked Rep. Duterte for accepting the challenge for being the next Deputy Speaker for Political Affairs. #PulongDeputySpeaker #AlanPeterCayetano #HouseUnited

Japan school ‘illegally’ recruiting Pinoy teachers

POEA warned Filipino teachers against the supposed illegal recruitment activities of a language school in Japan. #OFWinJapan #teachingJapanese #Englishteachers #illegalrecruitment

CHR did not present EJK proof–Gordon

The UNHRC last week approved the Iceland-endorsed resolution to probe the alleged widespread human rights abuses in the country. #EJK #CHR #warondrugs

U.S. wants piece of ‘Build’

Stilwell said that the US government would welcome more opportunities for American companies in President Rodrigo Duterte’s massive infrastructure program under the banner of “Build, Build, Build.”

Interloper has no mandate

Calida said the Duterte administration has been doing all it can to safeguard its interest in the contested maritime area.
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