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Name 96 narco pols

The DILG chief said he had no doubt about the involvement of the 96 politicians, citing the vetting process by four government agencies in charge of checking on the “narco list.”

Eco group: Ship back plastic trash to S. Korea

The trash was wrongfully declared as “plastic synthetic flakes” that arrived at the Mindanao Container Terminal.

‘Paltry’ wage hike takes effect late November

BMP said it was a death warrant for 4 million working-class families who would have to wait for another year for the next round of wage orders.

Trillanes subversion ongoing

Trillanes also continues to violate the concept of amnesty and seeks to subvert it, presidential spokesman and Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said.

Marcos to appeal graft conviction, sentence

Marcos was charged with 10 counts of graft for her alleged interests and participation in the management of seven foundations in Switzerland.

Ex-First Lady convicted, sentenced for graft

The Ombudsman also accused the wife of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos of depositing hidden wealth amounting to almost $30 million in a Banque Paribas bank.
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