The costumed streaker at the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) who ran into the Araneta Coliseum court while San Miguel...

Paternity scam

While De Guia’s money supported Faustino’s child, it is now she who is badly in need of help for the swindling and extortion charges she is now facing.

Buy and sell

The other hopefuls know which among their peers have been bought.

Avian honeymoon

If Geothermica and Sambisig don’t produce an offspring during their Singapore lovemaking, it’s understandable.

Let ‘em rip

Gapuz may well have all the right to rip cards – as long as he buys his own deck – if and when he’s already out of the police force. Now, whether that would come sooner than later, only time will tell.

Restroom relief

For terminal operators who will continue imposing toilet fees once the law takes effect, it will cost them more than what they charged for peeing or washing. Under the bill, violators would be fined P5,000. Now that’s good money down the drain for them.
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