Ships of fooled

This urban legend can now be crossed out from the books. The tayog-tayog or ghost ships that some people...

Beating the count

Manny Pacquiao’s age took as much notice as his victory against Adrien Broner on Sunday. Retired champion Floyd Mayweather,...

Buy or bye for Baybayin?

Bataoil said one of the aims of his bill is to promote patriotism. But will using surviving ethnic alphabets and scripts that are read and written in different direction really make more patriots in us? The number can be known after Bataoil’s bill is enacted into law, if ever that will happen in the17th Congress.

Toilet radar

In any case, Velasco can still improve the app to include more locations of a toilet with bidet or another programmer can create a version that shows more sites. If the app loses its appeal, emergency LBM can still be dealt with in the traditional way using tissue paper or tabo and soap in any clean or smelly restroom.

‘Extra service’ insults senior

Massage therapists offering “extra service” or a full body massage that includes special attention to the groin area may...

Hail Mary ride

One reason why the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board wants to regulate motorcycle taxis is to ensure passenger safety and make riders accountable in case of an accident.
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