Lessons in democracy from Mueller investigation

Last week, while we were preoccupied with our Lenten vacations and meditations, the United States of America was swept...

Checks and crosses: Liability under BP 22

A check often serves as a substitute for money. It allows transactions to proceed without money actually switching hands....

From Otso Diretso to Kwatro Desperado

In view of the foursome’s desperation, they should be called Kwatro Desperado.

Lessons for losers

The “Betrayed Seven” would do well to heed these lessons before they are, again, relegated to the same garbage bin where their front-running colleague had readily dumped them.


A lot has to be done in the last three years of this administration, though we have to deal with the midterm elections, our real-life Game of Thrones, in less than a months’ time.

Jose P. Laurel in Phl cinema

The film is expected in local cinemas before year’s end.
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