Congested hell

Is there still hope for many of us, the unlucky caught in commuting hell? Hope we can always have as long as necessary sacrifices and adjustments are made. But we do need all the help we can get, help which we can demand from government.

Double standards

Three years ago, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) released...

The pigs return

The various decisions of the Supreme Court (SC) on the pork barrel question, raised, debated and eventually integrated into jurisprudence during the Aquino administration do not seem to matter one bit to trapos, whether these are congressmen, senators, House Speakers or even past Presidents.

That controversial Revilla acquittal

The prosecution must act immediately. Time is running out.

Promoting the interests of our OFW

Our country’s economy is in a sound position today in no small part due to the remittances of our...

ROTC can fight communism

Since the ROTC military training program proved to be an effective means of fighting communism, it should be reinstated immediately as a college co-curricular requirement to prevent communist cadres from using college and university campuses as their recruitment centers.
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