Push for economic progress

Right before our President left for a quick weekend respite in Hong Kong, he signed two significant bills into...

Justifying votes for JV

Between the two brothers, akin to his father’s public persona, JV Ejercito is more the real-life underdog with the deeper empathy for the downtrodden — a unique trait alien to others.

When ‘I do’ becomes ‘I don’t’

There are only two states that do not recognize divorce, the Vatican and the Philippines. Under our family laws, there...

Otso Diretso’s disunity, expected defeat

At the end of the day, the biggest counterargument against popular support for the LP is the party’s failure to attract enough candidates to fill up a 12-man slate.

The LP’s leeches and losers

Aquino was disparagingly called the “Pork Barrel King.” The label was affixed for good reason. His Priority Development Assistance Fund had become so vilified, the public openly rallied against it en masse.

Campaign festival starts

In the end, I hope all these candidates the best. The winners will be placed in a very good position in 2022, since they can decide to run for president or vice president, with a fallback of becoming senator again in case they lose.
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