Cebu Pacific issues flight advisory

Cebu Pacific has this advisory to passengers

Colonel escapes from NPA captors

Even soldiers get kidnapped

SAP Go tops survey for senator

A survey showed 76 percent of Davao City residents would vote for this guy if he runs for senator.

AFP, DND celebrates IHL month

AFP commemorates International Humanitarian Law Day.

Go: MMDA willing to amend HOV scheme

Go said he trusts that the members of Metro Manila Council will be able to arrive at an acceptable decision on the HOV since they are the ones who know the situation on EDSA best.

Baggage yields live ammo

Later that day, at around 10 o’clock in the evening, another departing passenger identified as Solaha Heil was intercepted with two pieces of suspected live ammunition. Heil was bound for Manila via Air Asia flight no. Z2 774.
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