In photo are (from left) Melanie Pallorina, public relations manager of...

The recipients of the award are KC Concepcion, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Apples Aberin, Jessica Kienle Maxwell, Marga Montemayor Nograles, MaiMai R. Cojuangco, Kai Lim, Carla Guevara Laforteza, Dr. Diane Cua and Small Laude.

Beauty for the young and young once

Most millennials prefer to look natural. They call it makeup-no makeup, nude and fresh look. Obviously, this stems from the push to be as authentic as possible, look light with no baggage, and, of course, be Instagram ready, which is a trend that could stay for a long time.

Recreating the homely vibe of the Filipino kitchen

LUMU Filipino Kitchen and Beerhouse offers good food, good drinks and good times, just as your friendly neighborhood Filipino home would. With a name that is a clever abbreviation for “love you, miss you,” LUMU is every bit the fix of nostalgia that leaves you with — pun intended — a good taste in your mouth.

Go launches Zubakery Cafe in Subic

Let's take a break here.

An underwhelming meal at Vietnamese outlet Propaganda

Born in Saigon, the upscale chain offered elevated takes on low-country Vietnamese cuisine, focusing on high quality ingredients and more sophisticated presentation. Its arrival meant that the not-so-saturated market of Vietnamese cuisine here would have a new, viable contender.
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