Marijuana festival showcase weed medicines

The atmosphere on the festival's opening day reflected the mix of caution and excitement over the legalization of medical marijuana in junta-run Thailand.

Floating home raided for threat to sovereignty

The floating two-story octagonal house at the center of the controversy had been profiled and promoted online by a group called Ocean Builders, which touted it as a pilot project and sought to sell additional units.

Benguet town bans liquor

The EO reminds the observance of the Lent or the Holy Week by majority of the residents of the municipality of La Trinidad and the rest of the province.

Prof teaches students to make ecstasy

The synthetic drug MDMA acts as a stimulant and hallucinogen and is the main ingredient in party drug ecstasy, giving users a heightened sense of energy, empathy and pleasure.

Folding screen: Gimmick or breakthrough?

Major manufacturers have in recent years been largely updating smartphones with marginal improvements like better cameras and face scanning technology, so skepticism has been high.

Hanoi’s egg beer draws curious drinkers

The classic beer gets a modern twist in Vietnam.
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