Pakistani women breaking menstruation taboo

Some 28 percent of women surveyed in 2017 by Unicef indicated that they had missed school or work because of stomach pain or worry over staining their clothes. #menstruationtaboo

Displaced Syrians live in strange dwellings

Now, she lives in the village of Birat Armanaz in western Idlib, in a bus riddled with holes, its interior cleared of all furnishings. #livinginIdlib #strangehomes

SC upholds divorce under shari’a court

The High Court held that the subsequent civil law marriage of the Muslim couple did not supersede their previous marriage under the Muslim Code. #Muslimdivorce

Man with million-euro pigeon

Verschoot's -- and later Armando's -- reputation was built in middle-distance races of 500 to 700 kilometers (300 to 400 miles). #mostexpensivepigeon

Muslim children get Catholic education in Madagascar

At Saint Joseph high school, also in Antsiranana, Muslims account for more than one in five of the enrollment, whereas they account for less than 10 percent of Madagascar's overall population. #religioustolerance #MadagascarEducation

AZ Cares supports lung cancer patients

The AZ Cares Program provides end-to-end healthcare management support for both lung and breast cancer patients to get the best treatment by addressing challenges faced by patients throughout their treatment journey. #lungcancertreatment #AZCaresProgram #AstraZenecaPhilippines
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