Coca-Cola gives sweeter future to sugar farmers

Having a sufficient water supply will also allow the farmers to plant other crops that will sustain them during the off-milling season.

Saudi sisters’ tragic end shows perils for runaways

People who knew the Farea sisters in Virginia told investigators that they made statements within the last year indicating "that they would rather inflict harm on themselves — commit suicide — than return to Saudi Arabia."

US to test Cuban vaccine against lung cancer

More than 5,000 people worldwide use active immunology with CIMAvax.

Not only the ways to San Jose

The first time I was in San Jose, several years ago, we were just spending the night to catch an early-morning flight the next day.

Pakistani porters unsung masters of the mountains

High-altitude porters in Pakistan meanwhile are lucky to get life insurance policies worth $1,500.

Stronger connection

The world’s longest bridge and tunnel sea crossing — the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge — opened on 24 October, providing...
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