Thousands of embryos left in clinics

Tank failures at two clinics in Ohio and California last year revealed hidden issues with long-frozen embryos, including some from the 1980s when IVF began.

Antarctica ice loss increases 

Global warming is melting ice in Antarctica faster than ever before -- about six times more per year now...

No dignity after Tunisia revolution

While Tunisia has been praised as a model of democratic transition, wealth and control of the economy remain concentrated in the hands of a small elite despite economic growth.

Black Jesus Christ hope for miracle

Many in the heaving crowd of men and women, which police said numbered at least 800,000, believe touching the Black Nazarene or being in its presence can heal the sick or grant good fortune.

Basilan battle hero seeks help

Though wounded in the heavy fighting, he led his men victoriously against more or less 50 ASG bandits.

Witch-killing wave hits New Guinea

Even a recent drunk driving crash that killed eight people prompted a violent witch-hunt, as people tried to explain why some passengers survived and others did not.
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