Gene-edited food in restaurant cooking oil

Calyxt says its oil does not qualify as a GMO. The oil is made from soybeans with two inactivated genes to produce more heart-healthy fats and no trans fats.

LeBron hopes to inspire next kid

When James surpassed Jordan's career points total Wednesday night, he did it in a pair of Nikes with "Thank You M.J." written neatly on the side.

A ‘dragon’ lady soars high

Hundreds of tourists and plant enthusiasts visit the farm to enjoy their best-selling products, such as dragon fruit ice cream, tea, sandwich, shanghai, macaroons, cookies, jam, vinegar and at least four variants of fruit wine.

Trans athletes gain amid resentment

While the trend in the U.S. clearly has been toward more inclusion for transgender athletes, USA Powerlifting has incurred recent criticism for sticking by its policy of banning trans women from its competitions.

Mangyan guru’s love for teaching

Since she is not with her students 24/7, Masongsong also teaches the parents to read and write so they can guide their children with their homework when she's away.

Overcoming thyroid gland diseases

Goiter and other thyroid gland disorders could lead to heart disease, infertility, mental health concerns, congenital hypothyroidism, mentally deficient babies, pre-term delivery and miscarriage, and even death among susceptible individuals.
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