Ahn Jae Hyun files for divorce

Korean actor Ahn Jae Hyun has files for divorce from wife Ku Hye Sun after three years of marriage.

Police raid YG Entertainment over alleged illegal gambling

South Korean police raided YG Entertainment as part of an investigation into music mogul Yang Hyun-suk's alleged illicit gambling.

‘Easy Rider’ star Peter Fonda dead at 79

Peter Fonda, the star of the classic 1969 road movie "Easy Rider," died Friday aged 79 from respiratory failure due to lung cancer.

BB Gandanghari part of Netflix show ‘Glow’

Filipino BB Gandanghari is on the spotlight again as she plays a new character for the third season of the Netflix show “Glow.”

‘John Denver Trending’ sweeps Cinemalaya 2019

And the 2019 Cinemalaya winners are...

Cinemalaya ’19 Review: ‘Belle Douleur’ (A Beautiful Pain)

The story's conflict and resolution bear a striking resemblance to a 2017 online video that went viral, about the true story of a woman called Aryana Rose.
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