Leni and her minions

Leni obviously has already mastered the art of lying and given the chance, she and her minions will not hesitate to kick out the President from power by hook or by crook.

Panday vs Boy Pick-Up

The blockbuster acquittal of former Sen. Bong Revilla means a multitude of things in the political spectrum. It has...

Treachery on tour

On the virtual eve of what is expected to be a highly charged campaign, while he is not a...

Three stooges plus a solo comedian

Tolentino also concealed his incompetent management of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) under President Aquino III. He was also silent on his use of the metropolitan film festival to promote his image for the 2016 senatorial election.

No politics in sports, please

Lost in the din and hoopla of the recent University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) title series between...

DepEd’s doppelganger

It will take the dismantling of communist schools in Lumad territories to stop the DepEd doppelganger from victimizing more indigenous communities.
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