A requiem for the Liberal Party

“Fortunately, the end came for the LP in May 2016 when the LP bet for president, Mar Roxas, lost to the very popular President Rodrigo Duterte.

Garbage man

Three years may be too short for one who has so much plans, but Moreno, hopefully, will bring back pride to Manileños who have given him the mandate to do what his predecessors failed to accomplish.

Mulling over the midterms

It is plain to see that in Philippine politics, red carpet-worthy people are still the ones who make it.

Padre Damaso and sore losers

By the time this editorial material sees print, the recent senatorial election shall have been over and done with. Happily,...

Stinking network

“The country would not have been the dumping ground of these foreign garbage if we did not allow it.

PRRD reloaded

Countless news commentaries and articles have been published on how the opposition was walloped and trampled upon by the administration bets, but only a few emphasized that this may come at a price.
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