Allies Duterte should disown

There are many supposed allies of President Rodrigo Duterte whose competence leaves much to be desired, or are downright...

Shortage shows who’s in hot water

These questions have to be addressed fast. We do not need another protracted congressional inquiry that would only give our legislators another chance to do some grandstanding.

‘Yellow narcos’ nearing end

President Rodrigo Duterte’s “War Against Drugs” should instead be coined as the “War Against Yellow Narcos.” Of the 46...

Trillanes 2.0

Mimicking microscopic bacteria that propagate by cloning, Trillanes seems to have spawned his own despicable Mini Me. A former gun-wielding fascist turned putschist to replace Trillanes in the trenches, Alejano is a “Trillanes 2.0.”

What President Marcos did not do

Under Marcos, the government maintained law and order in trouble spots in Muslim Mindanao. During Aquino III’s watch, 44 elite policemen were left to die in a failed attempt to serve a warrant of arrest on a Malaysian terrorist hiding in Mamasapano in Maguindanao.

Times are a changin’

It will take time but the US should realize that times have changed. It no longer has a strong grip on Asia.
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