Massacre or myth?

Noynoy’s attempt to perpetuate the story of the Jabidah Massacre constitutes the height of hypocrisy of the former President and his Yellow horde.

Hall of fakes

The Sereno application anomaly was not an isolated incident. The amnesty application of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV was flawed in the same way making Aquino’s 2011 pardons for his putsches in 2003 and 2007 fake.

A better sanctuary

During the Senate hearing on the issue, Trillanes had the benefit of parliamentary immunity on his bellicose behavior but speaking outside the chamber, the senator became liable.

Fool’s gold

At any rate, as the President suggested, Congress must take a new look at the country’s mining laws to bring more sense into the rules and regulations on mining and prevent the unnecessary loss of lives like what happened in the Itogon landslide.

The local clergy war vs President Duterte

Luis Cardinal Tagle and several priests and nuns of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines are at war...

No typhoon politics

When typhoon “Yolanda” struck in 2013, the most memorable quote was from former Secretary Mar Roxas when he addressed...
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