Mission critical: Reviving agriculture

Drowned in the cacophony of attacks against the Duterte administration’s war on drugs is a welcome development that everyone,...

Andaya hammered by Sandiganbayan

It was colorful, at best, for Andaya. And we wonder how he can retain that smirk on his face.

Dumb and Dumber’s death toll

Based on officially reported numbers sans 600 suspected Dengvaxia deaths, Dumb and Dumber’s deaths total 7,671. Products of criminal negligence and sloth, match that against the official toll of the war on drugs.

What we see, what we get

The Department of Labor and Employment will start a telecommuting pilot program for select industries in the next three years for this.

Ban repeat MR

Last September, this publication urged the then newly minted Chief Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro to institute some badly...

‘I know where you live’

Now, because of this passport data mess, we shall see how these unfamiliar new laws and untried regulators will work in this high-tech world where many low-blow anomalies continue to thrive.
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