Gordon: Close gaps in vaccination coverage

Gordon said while the Dengvaxia controversy may have contributed to the significant drop in vaccine confidence last year, a declining trend in vaccination coverage has already been noted since 2014 which contributed to the current measles outbreak in Metro Manila and in some regions in Luzon and parts of the Visayas.

Koko: Filipino businessmen bullish

The Philippines ranking highest among Southeast Asian nations in terms of economic outlook in 2019 is a sign that...

Koko explains 2017 expenditure

The Senate President receives a budget more than twice that of an ordinary senator, said Sen. Koko Pimentel.

Gordon cites benefits of Hanjin takeover

What is important is that the Philippines can build ships for the Philippine Navy, it will be a huge savings for us, or ships for our business, according to Sen. Richard Gordon.

Know your senatorial candidates

Why will you vote for this or that senator?

Koko urges action against foreign trash in PH

"We're not someone else's dumping ground. The Philippines should assert its dignity and co-equal standing as a sovereign state...
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