Bill bans lapu-lapu name for fish

Under House Bill 2223, calling the fish species as Lapu-Lapu or Lapulapu shall be prohibited. #hindiakoisda #heroofMactan #BattleofMactan #PazRadaza #pugapo

Cardema: Guanzon asked P2M for partylist’s approval

Cardema appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte, the Supreme Court and the Comelec commissioners to look into his allegations against Guanzon. #RowenaGuanzon #RonaldCardema #DuterteYouthPartylist

Garin calls for dengue vaccination

Two decades of 4S strategy has not reduced dengue cases in the country, according to Rep. Janette Garin. #dengueoutbreak #denguevaccination #JanetteGarin

Castro: Death penalty law needs SC ‘cleansing’

Some members of the House of Representatives urged the judiciary to clean its backyard to ensure fair judgment on cases punishable by death penalty . #deathpenaltyrevival #SupremeCourt

Castro considering House minority leader post

Former House Majority Leader Fredenil Castro may take the Minority Leader post in the 18th Congress upon the prodding of his colleagues. #minorityleader #FredenilCastro

First session starts, 5 bills filed

Cebu Rep. Raul del Mar submitted four of the first five bills, including House Bill (HB) No. 12 or An Act Strengthening the Rights of Citizens to Information Held by Government and HB 13 or An Act Allowing the Use of Motorcycles as Public Utility Vehicle. #habalhabal #MetroManilahabalhabal #Angkas #MotorcycleForHire #Commute #traffic
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