Congress Communiques

Congress Communiques

Bill bans lapu-lapu name for fish

Under House Bill 2223, calling the fish species as Lapu-Lapu or Lapulapu shall be prohibited. #hindiakoisda #heroofMactan #BattleofMactan #PazRadaza #pugapo

Cardema: Guanzon asked P2M for partylist’s approval

Cardema appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte, the Supreme Court and the Comelec commissioners to look into his allegations against Guanzon. #RowenaGuanzon #RonaldCardema #DuterteYouthPartylist

Group calls for refiling of bill banning BPA

As of 2014, nearly 100 epidemiological studies have been published associating BPA with human health effects, most notably disorders of reproduction, behavior and energy balance. #BPAban #BisphenolAdanger

Go brings aid to Malabon fire victims

To help address the need for better health care services, Go said more Malasakit Centers will be opened in the different parts of the country. #BongGo #Helpforfirevictims #MalasakitCenter

Divorce not simple as buying candy–Go

The Senator wants the divorce process to be thorough and it must be proven that the differences between spouses are truly irreconcilable. #divorcebill #walangiwanan #nowalkinthepark

Garin calls for dengue vaccination

Two decades of 4S strategy has not reduced dengue cases in the country, according to Rep. Janette Garin. #dengueoutbreak #denguevaccination #JanetteGarin
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