Federalism to pump prime 18 regions–ConCom

ConCom member Professor Edmund Tayao compared the shift to moving to a new house that will entail additional expenses at the start but generally improves the stature and condition of the occupants.

DoE holds investment briefing in Region X

Energy: Mindanao's investment opportunity

3 DoTr agencies among top dividend remitters in 2017

CAAP’s remittance represents 68 percent of CAAP’s net income for calendar year 2017 amounting to P3.22 billion, including P3 billion worth of unpaid dividend arrears.

Carrageenan ups mungbean production

Field trial in NSF Seed Production Area, Barangay Bay, Los Baños Laguna using Pagasa 3 showed an increase in yield from 1,049.70 kgs/ha to 1,134.09 kgs/ha when Carrageenan PGP was supplemented to Farmer’s Practice.

Six-month remittances below target

The countries that registered the biggest declines in cash remittances in June 2018 included the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Turkey hits back, hikes tariff on US imports

Turkey raised tariffs on US rice, liquor, tobacco leaf and cosmetics.
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