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CONCEPTNEWSCENTRAL (CNC) is a news organization established by Concept Group Inc., a corporation operating under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with business address located at 3450 Concept Building, Florida Street, Makati City, Metropolitan Manila, the Philippines.

The news stories, commentaries, and opinion materials which appear in this medium were collated by CNC and, as such, do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions espoused by Concept Group, Inc. Responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any and all information culled by CNC from the original sources is vested exclusively in the latter. Although CNC encourages social media interaction, participants are urged to observe ethical restraints in their stories, reports, and commentaries.

CNC reserves the right to edit in full or delete pertinent portions of any contributed materials which, in the opinion of CNC management, are libelous, obscene, vulgar, unlawfully antagonistic and unnecessarily confrontational, invasive of privacy rights, violates intellectual property rights, or breaches any provision of the laws or valid regulations.

Likewise, CNC reserves the right to disallow the publication or dissemination of materials which, in the opinion of its management, constitute third-party advertising, unsolicited offers or intrusions, or spam materials. Unless otherwise stated, CNC does not claim any copyright ownership over the written and visual materials used in its operations and activities. Moreover, due credit is given to original sources of materials used by CNC.

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Concept and Information Group, Inc.
3450 Concept Building, Florida Street, Makati City, Metro Manila

(632) 833 7085
(632) 551 5148

Email: group@pldtdsl.net

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