Poopy proposition


MANILA — The aftershock of poopy traps at the Bonifacio Shrine in Manila that victimized no less than the city mayor himself has somehow reached Baguio City as its council is pushing for an ordinance that will fine residents who don’t clean up after their pets in public places.

Councilor Mylen Victoria G. Yaranon is leading the move for the scoop-the-poop policy wherein pet owners who let their pets do their business on sidewalks, streets, on public grounds, floors, walls, stairways or roofs of any public or private place that is used by the public, or an unfenced area abutting a public place would be fined P500 for the first offense, P700 for the second offense, P1,000 for the third offense and P1,500 for succeeding offenses.

The proposed ordinance also requires pet owners to have their pets effectively restrained by a leash or chain not more than six feet long, carry a pet waste scooper and pet waste bag when walking their pets, scoop their pet’s waste and dispose it in a garbage bin.

Yaranon further wants every barangay in the city to put up a “curb your pet” sign in conspicuous places to encourage residents to be responsible for their pet, as well as create a committee composed of respectable and dependable residents charged with the responsibility of enforcing the measure.

The measure which obviously intends to keep Baguio City’s streets feces-free was not driven by a pet poop outbreak nor suggests that local pet owners have become irresponsible. The question, however, is who will clean up the pee and poo of dogs, cats and other animals that are without owners. The answer should be clear in the city law. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

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