Backseat escapade


As an old saying goes, there is a time and place for everything in this world.

However, a couple from Nassau county in Miami, Florida proved that everywhere can be the place at any time as long as they can satisfy the call of the flesh — even if it means doing it inside the backseat of a car, a police car to be exact.

The couple — identified as 31-year-old Aaron Thomas and 35-year-old Megan Mondanaro — faces a list of charges after the county deputy caught them in the act of the carnal kind at the back of his police car.

Initial reports from authorities disclosed that the couple was originally booked on driving under influence (DUI) charges after they were arrested for riding bikes with no lights in the middle of South Fletcher Avenue.

The deputy recounted that the duo was almost hit by a passing car — prompting him to pull them over and after a short inquiry, he noted that the couple smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes.

Citing DUI violations, the deputy said that he placed the couple at the back of his patrol car and after a while, things got a little frisky in the back seat.

“While I was outside of my patrol vehicle, Mondanaro and Thomas took their clothes off and started to have sex,” the deputy recounted. “When I opened up the door to stop them, the man was already naked and the woman had her pants down.”

But the deputy’s intervention did not stop the couple from doing the deed and when things got physical as he tried to pry Thomas off from the vehicle, the man managed to escape his grasp took off running through a nearby parking lot.

Authorities later caught Thomas behind a Cold Stone Creamery and the sheriff’s office added an extra theft charge after deputies said he took the handcuffs with him during his brief time on the lam.

Thomas and Mondanaro are being held at a detention facility in Nassau County. Mondanaro’s bond was set at $12,508 while Thomas is being held without bond.

It was also revealed that the incident was not the first “dance” of the couple with authorities, as Mondanaro and Thomas have extensive rap sheets.

Most recently, Thomas served 46 days for assaulting a law enforcement officer while Mondanaro recently served 60 days for a parole violation stemming from a prior conviction.