Go: National heroes’ legacy lives on

Sen. Bong Go. (Alfonso Padilla)

Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on Monday paid tribute to national and modern-day heroes as the country marks National Heroes’ Day.

Go said the national heroes’ dedication of their lives for the protection of liberty and welfare of the country is a legacy that lives on in the modern-day heroes of the nation such as “the soldiers who protect us from our enemies, to the police who maintain order in our society, to the teachers who nurture our youth, to the overseas workers who toil abroad for their families, and to every Filipino who strive day and night to contribute to our society.”

“Let us pay tribute to all of our nation’s heroes, both past and present, by celebrating their deeds and honoring their memory. Let their example guide us as we confront the challenges of our time and build the Philippines we aspire for ourselves and our nation,” said the senator.

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