Imee changes mind on death penalty

Sen. Imee Marcos. (FB)

By Hananeel Bordey

Senator Imee Marcos has admitted a change of heart on the re-imposition of death penalty for heinous crimes.

“You know, the truth is Gibo Teodoro and I are among those who are first to push to abolish the death penalty when we are still in Congress…the law is not written in stone but it’s an organic living thing so now the season has changed,” Marcos said in a weekly presser at the Senate of the Philippines Thursday.

Marcos’ statement follows the appeal of President Rodrigo Duterte for Congress to pass a law reimposing capital punishment for plunderers, drug peddlers and criminals who committed heinous crimes in his State of the Nation Address on Monday.

However, Marcos said death penalty should have very limited use agreeing to its application on drug peddlers and not on juveniles as she claims there are cases of misuse of capital punishment.

Marcos said that the government should also ensure that the Public Attorney’s Office will also get additional funding to guarantee that there are competent lawyers that can defend the underprivileged Filipinos.

The former Ilocos Norte governor said that death penalty should be done in the most painless manner such as lethal injection.

Stressing her point, Imee recalled the execution of Lim Seng, a Chinese drug lord, who was sentenced with death penalty during her father, late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ administration.

Marcos said that the death of Seng through firing squad was one of the most brutal scenes she cannot take.

“That’s very scary. We are all scared because of that. That should be enough. It should not be in that way… It should not be that brutal. We are not in that era anymore,” Marcos said.

On Wednesday, Senate President Vicente Sotto III said the passage of the bill would have a good chance in the chamber if it would punish drug traffickers first.

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