Put your foot in it


There is truth to Sen. Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa’s infamous remark last week after all.

Reacting to the death of a three-year-old girl in a drug buy-bust operation in Rodriguez, Rizal last 29 June with the remark, “Shit happens,” the former Philippine National Police chief drew flak from rights groups.

By getting the unexpected censure he never wanted not expected, the two words applied to De la Rosa himself.

Of course, the same “shit” happened to the 19 policemen involved in the death of the girl, who was shot in the head not because her father used her as a human shield to avoid getting arrested, as they initially claimed. The officers were temporarily relieved as they undergo investigation to determine whose gun fired the shot that hit the victim.

But nothing beats the shit that happened to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno (Francisco Domagoso) on Wednesday morning.

Nobody would want to step on dog poop, much less human feces, but the mayor did as he was showing to media how the back of the Andres Bonifacio monument beside the Manila City Hall has been turned into an open toilet.

As Moreno pointed to the defecation behind the monument that is now the latest target of his cleanup campaign, the mayor failed to notice a small splatter of the disgusting substance and put his foot in it -— literally.

He had to rub the sole of his shoe on the pavement to get rid of the stool and smell.

As other metro sidewalks are littered with such “booby traps” left by mongrels and street dwellers, the Moreno version of “shit happens” is likely to surprise another unsuspecting pedestrian.

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