NOW: DITO to benefit consumers

Rodolfo Pantoja, president of NOW Telecom.

The formal entry of DITO Telecommunity Corp. into the telecommunications industry signals the liberalization of the wireless communications market that will ultimately benefit consumers, according to a 5G provider.

“We see the entry of DITO Telecommunity (formerly Mislatel) as a net positive for the industry. It provides a market signal that government is in the liberalization phase of the telecommunications industry. This will ultimately benefit the consumers as the increased competition will stimulate improvements in quality of service, increase in service coverage and availability,” said Rodolfo Pantoja, president of NOW Telecom.

DITO, formerly Mislatel Consortium led by Davao City businessman Dennis Uy, received last week from the government a certificate of public convenience and necessity, its license to operate.

Pantoja also said his company is open and willing to partner with DITO Telecommunity as it works on the rollout of its 5G technology to enterprises and expand its service offerings to new geographical markets.

“We are always open to explore opportunities of partnership and collaboration with other players in the industry, to both local and foreign players. The same can be said to DITO Telecommunity. The decentralized gigabit era will inevitably force disruptive innovations in this industry. Specializing in a specific market niche and partnering with the right entities are both essential in delivering profitability,” Pantoja said.

Meanwhile, Pantoja said NOW Telecom is confident the company can adopt mmwave for 5G for new use cases, ICT applications and least-cost deployment solutions in the Philippines.

NOW Telecom is currently offering broadband internet access in Metro Manila, through a fixed wireless microwave transmissions network which enables the firm to provide guaranteed internet speeds, of up to 2.40 gigabits per second (Gbps) to its enterprise customers.

This technology sets the stage for the full rollout of 5G by utilizing millimeter wave (mmwave) which exponentially increases internet speed and bandwidth capacity to subscribers, reaching up to 20 gbps in network capacity.

“We are the largest fixed wireless access provider in the country. And we maintain that vision as we provide guaranteed broadband to our customers – both enterprises and residential buildings. We will leap frog from this model and provide new generation technologies including 5G. Deployment plans are underway to serve the greater Metro Manila,” according to Kristian Pura, NOW head of business development.

NOW Telecom will leverage the high speed, low latencies and high capacities that mmwave and will open new markets that it can more readily tap because of its ability to provide wireless connectivity.

NOW has connected more than 400 buildings in Metro Manila with each building capable of providing coverage of up to 2-kilometer radius focusing on enterprises and multi-dwelling units such as commercial and residential buildings.

The key to NOW’s growth is the combination of its innovative technology, business strategy, and the economics behind the model, the company said.

NOW Telecom was able to renew its congressional franchise under Republic Act No. 10972 last year.

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