Explosive prank gone wrong


Good-natured pranks are one of the many sources of a good time which — if done properly — can elicit laughter from both the prankster and the one being pranked.

However, a seemingly harmless prank — when carried too far — may lead one into all sorts of trouble, or worse, a jail time.

A man in Crestview, Florida, learned this the hard way after he was arrested by the deputies of the County Sheriff after he allegedly threw firecrackers under the bed of a sleeping nine-year-old girl and traumatized her in the process.

The suspect, identified as Matthew Morrison, was arrested after the deputies responded to a call following the explosion inside the girl’s room.

Initial reports said that the suspect was living in a tent outside the house and came inside without permission and threw firecrackers under the child’s bed as a post-4th of July prank.

However, the series of explosion startled the child, which prompted her parents to run into the room and found Morrison, who was still laughing before he was chased out of the house by the homeowners with a stick.

The responding officers said that the girl was left traumatized after the explosion and was crying and shaking the entire time.

Morrison was arrested and charged with burglary, child cruelty without great harm, but was also found in possession of a controlled substance after deputies found two grams of methamphetamine in his pockets.

Pranks exploit a balance of power. It ignores the fundamental truth that living can be hard, and most people are trying to do their best. Pranksters not only laugh at the victim, it creates a victim for the sole purpose of laughing at them.

But beyond merely being unfunny or predictable, pranks are just plain weird; totally lacking even an attempt at what we know to be humor.

And to do it with an innocent child makes it all the more unacceptable.