Customers enhance productivity, business with CEMEX Go


Cement manufacturer CEMEX creates sustainable value for its customers by providing industry-leading products and innovation like CEMEX Go, a fully digital customer integration multi-device platform.

CEMEX Go allows customers to improve the performance of their people and enhance productivity within their organizations resulting in better returns on their businesses.

CEMEX clients in the Philippines are experiencing a big transformation within their companies through CEMEX Go as they are able to focus on more strategic tasks, unload redundant administrative burdens, and procure materials hassle-free.

Peterson Cheng of of CICI General Merchandise.

“We use CEMEX Go to make purchase orders and to monitor deliveries. I personally check the app every morning for delivery status of our orders,” begins Peterson Cheng of CICI General Merchandise, a construction retailer. “My accounting staff would also print the deliveries from the software,” he adds.

According to Cheng, it used to take them around 20 minutes each day to place orders and create purchase order deliveries through customer service representatives. On some days, he added, it even takes hours just to follow up on deliveries.

“Now, everything is being done online. Monitoring has been more efficient. And I think one big benefit we gained from using the app is that we are able to collect from our clients faster,” Cheng narrates.

With the CEMEX Go app, delivery receipts are reported in real time.

“With the app, you just have to click and everything is there—no time wasted,” he adds with a big smile on his face.

Noel Eric Tacneng, head of purchasing of Metro Stonerich Corporation.

Noel Eric Tacneng, head of purchasing of Metro Stonerich Corporation, agrees.

“CEMEX Go makes our work much easier and faster. It is truly changing the way we do our business,” he asserts.

The company, which specializes in engineering, construction, and project development, started using CEMEX Go when it was first launched in October 2018.

“We use it primarily to place orders for cement and to track deliveries and invoices that we need to pay. When we started using the app, our work became faster and easier, we do not need to wait for customer service representatives to place our orders and we can get the SO (stock order) numbers we need right away and track,” Tacneng adds.

Maria Jonesa Olo of Great Sierra Development Corporation.

Another CEMEX Go user, Maria Jonesa Olo of Great Sierra Development Corporation, dealer and supplier of building materials and garden equipment, reveals that adopting CEMEX Go has helped them consolidate reports easier and made them more efficient as a company.

“Our company is very much concerned with financials—from payments to accounts receivables,” says Olo. “So before, we were really old school when purchasing cement. We would need to call the servicing center first and wait for half an hour to be able to place an order,” she explains.

Today, using CEMEX Go, the company can now place orders without having to talk to anyone.

“I can use it even when I’m out of the office and without using a landline,” she smiles.

“I am now using the procurement side of the platform to order cement and create purchase order deliveries. I also use the tracking and financial reports of the app. I like CEMEX Go—it is very convenient,” Olo says. “You just need to go to the platform, create the SOS and start tracking your deliveries. It is also very informative. You can easily download the reports you need in just a few clicks.”

At the core of the CEMEX Go is simplifying and automating business processes for its clients across multiple devices anytime, anywhere. Supported by its long-time partners, IBM and NEORIS in developing the digital platform, CEMEX Go is a CEMEX R&D, Innovation and Business Development project being part of the global R&D collaboration network headed by CEMEX Research Centers based in Switzerland.

The app is available on Android and iOS.


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