Cusi pushes for China oil deal completion

Sec. Alfonso Cusi, Department of Energy (DOE)

Department of Energy (DoE) secretary Alfonso Cusi on Friday revealed that he is expecting to complete the framework on the oil and gas cooperation with China this year before the memorandum of understanding between the Philippines and China signed in December 2018 expires.

In a statement, Cusi said that they are already working on the structure and framework and stressed that something positive and concrete should be reached between the two countries on how to tap the resources and use it for the benefit of the people.

To recall, the Philippines and China agreed to cooperate on oil and gas development during the Manila visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping last year.

The Energy secretary also noted that the Philippines could benefit from the possible oil and gas cooperation “if we play our cards right.”

“On the West Philippine Sea, we are working in the spirit of cooperation and reaching out a common goal,” said Cusi. “I don’t like to speculate but our goal is that we want to finish it by November.”

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