Expo showcases arcade, theme park innovations


The biggest gathering of suppliers of the latest technology and innovations in the amusement and entertainment parks and arcade games industries will converge in Manila on 11 to 13 July at the World Trade Center for this year’s Philippine Attractions & Amusement Expo (PAExpo2019) 2019.

David Chow, director of HQ Bizlink International PTE Ltd., organizer of PAExpo2019 said the advancement in technology has allowed the amusement and entertainment sectors to create more exceptional customer experience through the use of engaging and immersive technology.

“The amusement and arcade game segments have a rich history of utilizing the latest technology to attract the interest of visitors. Indeed, the industries are haven for technological landscapes as the industries look to the future to create magical worlds by showcasing the latest digital advances,” Chow said.

ice hockey game in Philippine Attractions & Amusement Expo 2019.

The Expo is open to the public and free of charge to allow the most significant number of visitors to experience firsthand the advances in the amusement and entertainment sector. In addition, children aged four years and below can use all the games and entertainment in the Expo’s “Demo Area” for free, provided an adult or a guardian accompany them.

Already, the PAExpo2019 has attracted participants from at least ten countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and the US.

Intelligent games
Traditional games and parks are only concerned with mostly providing entertainment to visitors. But, game developers and designers are now launching new games to challenge one’s intelligence.

The exhibits will feature new games and entertainment from at least 50 exhibitors that are divided into two main sections, the Arcade Game and Edutainment and Indoor Playground.

For the Arcade Game, visitors are encouraged to try the latest from Pumpkin Studios now computer and video games. And for those who want to challenge their mental skills, there are “intelligent games” as well, like the newest “Ice Hockey” arcade game which features multi-level challenges. There are even “mind games” for those who want a serious challenge.

Another fascinating exhibit is the electronic dart game. Unlike the traditional dart game, this electronic game can be played individually, with a group or with a friend. You can also challenge the computer. Moreover, there are several levels of skills you can choose.

And for bar owners, the game could boost sales because it can be programmed to penalize a player by drinking beer every time he or she loses.

Virtual reality game.

Cashless transactions
The Philippine amusement and theme park landscape is also about to change with the abolition of cash and paper transactions, in a move to meet the expectations of visitors.

The digitization of this sector with more visitors opting digital devices and smartphones will also push theme and entertainment parks to adopt digital technology by organizing their agenda, food ordering and payments without the use of cash.

Research has shown that a significant majority of theme park visitors feel that the ability to pay without using cash would enhance their experience and convenience. At least two-thirds of visitors also use the theme park application on their mobile devices or tablets to book for rides and reserve restaurant tables.

Nearly half said they want to use touch-screen, self-service kiosks that do not require paper.

The solutions are to allow visitors to coordinate their entire visits seamlessly and without paper, either from their smartphones, self-service kiosks or wearable devices. This covers everything from ordering meals, drinks, snacks and merchandise, to in-app payment, e-vouchers for promotions, location-based offers and alerts and loyalty programs.

Intelligent game arcade.

Wearable and waterproof
With the Internet of things (IoT) or RFID based wearable devices this is taken a step further, and visitors can do everything from accessing hotel rooms, lockers or VIP areas, to pay for items using pre-loaded credit or spending pre-paid “entitlements” such as ‘fast pass’ tickets and meal plans to jump the queue. Guests can even set spending limits for their kids or prevent them from buying certain foods or drinks. These wearable devices eliminate the need to carry cash, cards, hotel or locker, or an additional device — making this technology especially useful for theme parks.

By offering a single, seamless digital platform that powers point-of-sale and customer engagement across all channels and touch-points and across entertainment and retail, food and beverage, deliver the paperless park in a unified and seamless manner, to further optimize the customer experience.

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