Mom, 3 kids killed in fire


Firemen had to cable hoses to reach fire site

Six members of a family, including a mother and her four children, perished in a fire that razed their house in Bagong Silang, Caloocan City before dawn on Sunday.

Fire officials identified the fatalities as Maricel Roxas and her children RJ, Jaypee, Robert, and three-month-old baby Niño. The children’s cousin Eduardo Peregrino also died.

The fire was believed to have been sparked by an unattended candle at past 2 a.m., said fire investigators. The victims were all asleep when the fire broke out.

The eldest child Benedict survived and told probers that the candle fell on top of carton boxes that fuelled the conflagration which spread quickly.

He said he survived by jumping from the second floor of their house made of light materials.

Village official Renato Caladiao said firemen had difficulty reaching the site of the burning house since it was located far from the road. They resorted to cabling together their hoses to reach the site.

A relative of the victims, Hilma Roxas recounted that they were unable to save the victims because the fire quickly engulfed the house.

Albert, the father of the children, cried unabashedly when he reached their burnt house from working overtime. The house had no electrical supply and used candles and a gas lamp. Miguel Paolo Togonon

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