NPA warned: Your time is almost up


Describing the New People’s Army as a “spent force,” President Rodrigo Duterte late Thursday night gave a stern warning to rebel forces, saying that its five-decade old existence was “about to end.”

In a speech before agrarian reform beneficiaries in General Santos City, the President disclosed that the communist rebels have already run out of arms, bullets and food – which signals that the “end is near.”

“Whether you agree to it or not, you NPAs, the communists, you are about to end. You don’t have guns, you don’t have bullets, you don’t even have food. All you have are sores and you are being bitten by leeches,” said Duterte.

The Chief Executive, however, said that the government is willing to provide housing and skills training to NPA rebels who surrender while lamenting the “social dysfunction” supposedly caused by the communist insurgency.

“What I really didn’t like was the social dysfunction in the whole Philippines. Just like drugs. There are many children who have not seen their own parents because their mom and dad have joined the armed movement,” Duterte said.

Apart from the communist insurgency, the President discussed in his speech in General Santos City the trash from Canada, climate change and investment scams as well as his security and critics.