Go vows justice for abused OFW

Sen. Bong Go advocates the creation of a Department of OFW.

Senator-elect Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on Thursday vowed to do everything to get justice for abused Filipino workers abroad.

Go issued the statement in response to the reported rape of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait shortly after she arrived in the emirate on 4 June.

“We will not let pass the rape of one of our countrymen who went to Kuwait to work and give her family a good future,” said Go. “It pains me to see OFW leave their loved ones just to work in distant countries only to be abused.”

“Me and President Duterte love our fellow OFW. We care for all their sacrifices for their families and for the country. Rest assured we will do everything to give justice to our countrymen abroad,” added Go.

Meanwhile, Go said part of his legislative agenda is the establishment of the Department of OFW so there will be one government agency that is focused on the needs of migrants.

Through the said department, Go said the coordination of different offices dealing with OFW will be improved and finger-pointing avoided.

Such agency will also serve as a one-stop shop for legal assistance for OFW in distress, implement a full-migration cycle approach for all OFW from pre-employment to return home, maintain a database of all OFW, including their situation and location.

Kuwaiti authorities reportedly arrested the suspect in the rape of the Filipina, whose name is being withheld. The suspect, airport police officer Fayed Naser Hamad Alajmy, 22, reportedly assisted the victim in finger scanning registration at the airport when she arrived in Kuwait. Alajmy later abducted the OFW and raped her.