NMIS cracks down on tainted meats

The Legazpi City Public Market. (MJ Taplac)

The National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) in Bicol on Wednesday reported it confiscated about 78 kilos of meat and more than a thousand canned meat suspected to be contaminated with African swine fever.

In a statement, the NMIS Bicol said the Legazpi Veterinary office headed by Emmanuel Estipona confiscated the allegedly infected meats to protect hog raisers in the region.

“The operation was done to protect the swine industry from the havoc of African swine fever and to put the health of the meat-consuming public safe from zoonotic diseases brought by unhealthy, unhygienic meat sold to the public,” said Estipona.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand Samar, head of the Bicol Communicators and Environmental Rescue Group, disclosed that the unsafe meats were recovered from the Albay District Market and the Legazpi City Public Market.

Several incandescent bulbs were also confiscated for violation of the Consumers Act.
“Most of the vendors used unauthorized bulbs to mislead the customers of the color of the meat,” said Samar.

A total of 1,200 cans of Ma Ling, were also confiscated in a stock room in the city.

The Food and Drug Administration issued a temporary ban on the importation, distribution and sale of processed pork meat products, including Ma Ling, from countries believed to be affected by the African swine fever virus.