Dog in viral video dies


Buboy, the pet dog of a teacher in a viral video, has passed away after a hit-and-run accident.

Animal welfare group PAWSsion Project shared the news in a Facebook post on Wednesday, 12 June.

“The whole animal welfare world and dog lovers mourn the passing of the Philippines’ Hachiko, Buboy,” the group wrote, referring to the famous dog in Japan who patiently waits for his owner at a Japan subway station everyday.

The dog’s story was turned into a movie and his statue has been erected outside the Shibuya station in 1934, one year before he died.

“Buboy was a testament of unconditional love and loyalty till the very last day of his master Mr. (Carmelito) Marcelo. And now, Buboy is gone, too. As per the post, Buboy was a victim of hit and run—and irresponsible pet ownership.”

Buboy rose to fame after videos of him greeting Marcelo every morning, a college professor in Mabalacat City, Pampanga, surfaced. When Marcelo died, the dog stayed under his owner’s coffin during the wake.

PAWSsion Project hopes that Buboy’s passing will be a reminder for humans to be responsible pet owners and try to take in stray ones that are “most vulnerable to abuse, cruelty, danger and harm”.