Phl slams foreign interference


The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) rejected moves by international human rights advocates to conduct an independent probe in the Philippines—citing “political agenda” and their lack of objectivity.

In a strongly-worded statement, the DFA maintained that the Philippines is a democratic country with “strong institutions and government” committed to promote and protect the human rights of every Filipino.

The DFA accused those behind the move of engaging into disinformation and bias against the Philippine government.

“We reject this call as it is being made in bad faith by parties who want to undermine domestic processes and spread disinformation, on the basis of one-sided reports coming from questionable sources,” the DFA stated in a statement issued Saturday night.

“This action indicates the refusal of these parties to engage in true dialogue,” it added.

The DFA stressed that the Philippines provided the correct data to the concerned agencies but apparently those were being disregarded.

“By ignoring the accountability and other information provided by the Philippines in good faith, these parties show their bias and political agenda and assail the credibility and objectivity of the human rights mechanisms as constructive platforms of dialogue between the United Nations and the member states,” it added.