Enemy ‘not man enough’

SENATOR Antonio Trillanes. (PDI Image)

A bristling President Rodrigo Duterte unleashed a verbal assault on Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, calling the senator “walang hiya” or shameless and was not man enough following revelations from a Liberal Party (LP) pawn named “Bikoy” on a destabilization campaign against the President.

Peter Joemel Advincula who claimed to be the character in the online video series named “Bikoy” linked Trillanes and other administration critics to the ouster plot against the President.

Speaking in Davao City the night after “Bikoy” bared all in the black propaganda which is part of a supposed destabilization plot, the Chief Executive expressed confidence the truth will come out soon.

He also challenged his critics to come out if they really want to oust him.

“What will you gain if you kill me? And those black propaganda, eventually the truth will come out” he said.

He also blasted Trillanes, accusing him of owning cars and properties listed under the names of other people.

“All of those will be exposed, but what I can say now is ‘wala kang hiya, hindi ka lalaki’ (You’re shameless and are not man enough),” he said.

Come out, face me

Mr. Duterte advised critics who wanted to oust him to “come out.”

Duterte reiterated he will not stay longer if people want him to step down. He said he does not want even a single bullet spent just to oust him.

Speaking at the thanksgiving get-together organized by the supporters of Senator-elect Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on Thursday evening in Davao City, Mr. Duterte said Trillanes is a disgrace to the Senate.

“You besmirched the Senate. You use power to run after people,” Duterte said.

The President slammed Trillanes for the latter’s supposed penchant for using dummies to hide illegally-acquired properties.

Dummy lover

“You are the number one user of dummies. That will come out. But I said you are shameless,” Duterte said.

On Thursday, Advincula, who had introduced himself as “Bikoy” and claimed he was behind the “Ang Totoong Narcolist,” made a complete turnaround from his exposé in the video.

He had earlier linked the President and his family to the narco trade. Advincula said all statements in the video were all lies.

He tagged Trillanes, Sen. Risa Hontiveros, the Liberal Party, and the defeated Otso Diretso senatorial slate as behind the production of the videos, all meant to destabilize the administration.

Enough with fake news

Former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa also asked the public not to spread fake news, particularly about Mr. Duterte’s health, saying there is no need for the regular release of medical bulletins.

In an interview with The Source in CNN, Dela Rosa said that he called the President three days ago to inquire about his health.

He was pertaining to reports that the President was rushed to Cardinal Santos in San Juan last Sunday.

He narrated that the President even asked him to go to Malacañang to join them for lunch. However, he was not able to accept Duterte’s invitation as he was in his hometown in Davao del Sur.

In the same interview, De la Rosa said the resurfacing of “Bikoy” should be appreciated objectively.

“Look at his revelation objectively. Let’s look at the motive,” he said.

Hard to comment on

De la Rosa refused to comment on whether “Bikoy” is a credible witness or not.
He also refused to give an opinion on Vice President Leni Robredo’s denial of the allegations of “Bikoy.”

He said just like what General Oscar Albayalde did, he will let “Bikoy” speak about his confession in Camp Crame, so that the police force will maintain their transparency with the media.

Moreover, De la Rosa said he will join the majority in choosing the Senate President for the 18th Congress.

He said the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino will still deliberate on who to support for the Senate President post and for House Speakership.

“Whatever the majority wants,” Dela Rosa said.

Advincula a puzzle

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief General Guillermo Eleazar also disclosed the credibility of Advincula remains doubtful.

In a radio interview, Eleazar said Advincula’s recent statements are vague, noting that his credibility is now in question after recanting his earlier pronouncements against the Duterte administration.

“His recanting of statements does not mean that the PNP chief will believe him,” said Eleazar, referring to PNP chief General Oscar Albayalde.

The NCRPO chief added that the PNP will be investigating Advincula’s claims. However, he said, the “burden of proof” will be on “Bikoy.”

“The burden of proof is on Advincula, but we will still assess everything since we are evidence-based,” said Eleazar.

Advincula is now in the custody of the PNP in Camp Crame.

With Krizara Tibus