Go’s turn to probe Trillanes

Bong Go (left) with Senators Antonio Trillanes IV (right) and Miguel Zubiri during the senate inquiry on the Philippine Navy frigate program. (TNP)

It’s now senator-elect Bong Go’s turn to hold a senate inquiry on outgoing colleague Antonio Trillanes IV to determine his alleged involvement in the “Bikoy” video series that accuse the Duterte family and the former Special Assistant to the President as narcopoliticians.

“Now, Trillanes, you wait as I might call you also,” Go said Thursday in a radio interview.

Go recalled Trillanes summoned him during a Senate inquiry into alleged shabu smuggling into the country.

“The Filipino people should know the truth and just like what I’ve said before there is time for this, the world is round,” Go added.

According to Go, the latest revelations of Peter Joemel Advincula, alias “Bikoy” convinced him that the opposition senator was behind the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” series of videos implicating the first family to illegal drugs.

Advincula confessed that Trillanes and other opposition personalities were behind the script of the videos posted on social media.

Asked if he was sure that Trillanes was really behind Advincula, Go replied “I am sure, as I have said look at the head of Bikoy it seemed possessed by the brains of Trillanes.”

He stressed that while all those being tagged by Advincula have started denying any part over the mess, it will be good to conduct investigation to determine who are really behind him.

“Bikoy has lost credibility, now everybody are washing their hands on who were really behind Bikoy. That should be investigated –who are the people behind this and what is the goal? Bikoy alone cannot do it,” Go added.

Go said the video series have the signature of dirty politics that was waged by the opposition against President Rodrigo Duterte in the 2016 campaign. He described it as a black propaganda against the Duterte family and him being a close aide of the president.

Meanwhile, Go thanked Trillanes for summoning him to testify in the Senate inquiry, saying “if not for that, I may not be senator now.”

Senate President Vicente Sotto III said he is leaving it up to the concerned committee heads to decide on the latest exposes of Advincula.