Go: Bikoy retraction not surprising

Bong Go urges public servants to reciprocate by providing the right service. (Contributed photo)

Senator-elect Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go said Thursday he was not surprised with the retraction of Bikoy’s accusations against the Duterte family and him.

“I am not surprised that Bikoy retracted his earlier statements in a press conference this morning because I knew from the start that what he said against President Duterte, his family and me were all lies,” Go told reporters.

“They already did this dirty black propaganda against Mayor Duterte in the 2016 elections and they did it again in the last election. All backfired. Mayor Duterte became president in 2016 and the people rejected Otso Diretso this 2019,” the former Special Assistant to the President added.

Go, however, said he was saddened to know that those regarded as decent and “clean” in society were the ones who are behind the dirty slander of their fellow men.

“This is not the kind of politics I learned from President Duterte. This is not the kind of politicking of a simple provincial personality like me who doesn’t have any aspiration but to serve the Filipino people,” said Go.

“What Bikoy did pains me. Despite his lies and smearing of my reputation, I forgave Bikoy as a Christian. But as a Filipino, I will let authorities to do their duty on whatever his responsibility with the law,” he added.

Further, Go said, “While I urge our authorities to respect all the constitutional rights of Bikoy, I must also say that the country needs to know the whole truth.  After all, the truth will set us free. May panahon din ito. Naniniwala ako na bilog naman ang mundo.”

Alias Bikoy or Peter Joemel Advincula declared in a press conference at Camp Crame this morning that his accusations against the Duterte family and Go in the video titled “Ang Totoong Narcolist” were the handiworks of the Liberal Party and outgoing senator Antonio Trillanes IV.