Sara: Their decision, not mine


Following reports that she has already endorsed her choice for the next House Speaker, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio on Wednesday stressed that the race for the House leadership is not on her hands.

In a statement, the daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte clarified that she is only Davao City’s chief executive, saying that she’s not the correct person to endorse anyone to be the next leader of the House of Representatives.

“In sum, I am only the Mayor of Davao City. I am not the correct person to endorse someone to be the next speaker,” said Duterte.

The younger Duterte noted that the choice for the next House Speaker should be done by the lawmakers themselves.

“It is best if the newly elected members of the House of Representatives individually decide who among those who are interested to become the next Speaker can truly bring good governance and positive change to congress, to the Filipino people, and to our country,” said Duterte.

The Davao City mayor also slammed allegations that she has already endorsed a candidate for the Speakership.

Reports are already circulating that some lawmakers are already eyeing for the Speakership of the 18th Congress and that they are also seeking her support.

As for Paolo Duterte’s interest to vie for the Speaker of the House, the Davao mayor said that it should best be addressed by their father because “he is the President and our patriarch.”