Let ‘em rip


If there’s one gamble casino regulars would not dare do, it is to mess with card dealers.
A police official in Baguio City learned this the hard way when he was apprehended by fellow officers inside a casino in San Fernando, La Union.

He was arrested not just because he allegedly violated President Rodrigo Duterte’s order prohibiting government workers and law enforcers from being seen inside casinos.

Lt. Col. Arman Gapuz was hauled off to a police station following a complaint from casino personnel that he literally ripped the playing cards in his hands every time he lost a game.

While the casino establishment is reportedly not keen on filing charges against Gapuz, he drew the attention of his superiors in the Philippine National Police.

Being “ripped off” the police service might be too heavy-handed a penalty to be imposed on Gapuz for ripping playing cards. Still, it’s the prohibition against government employees gambling that may come into play in his case.

Gapuz may well have all the right to rip cards – as long as he buys his own deck – if and when he’s already out of the police force. Now, whether that would come sooner than later, only time will tell.

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