Undie taker


Thieves usually target valuable items, such as jewelry, cash or electronic gadgets such as cell phones, tablets or computers. But in Aklan, one thief is apparently interested only in one thing: women’s underwear.

In the municipality of Banga, Rose (not her real name) got a big surprise recently when, upon waking up one morning, she found a strange man sprawled asleep in their sala. She noted that the man’s face was covered with a bra, one that Rose knew belonged to her 16-year-old niece Bea (not her real name).

Rose immediately woke up her husband and the rest of her family. They managed to wake up the man, later identified as Fredan Bonifacio, who claimed he did not know how or why he got inside her house.

When the police arrived, they searched Bonifacio and found a panty in one of his pockets, which turned out to be also one of Bea’s underwear.

Bonifacio was jailed but later released after promising not to go near the residence of Rose again, still maintaining he had no intention of stealing anybody’s properties, let alone their underwear. He insisted that he just had a drink too many and lost his wits.

Psychologists said stealing underwear is an indication of a deep-seated sexual disorder, saying that is how people with this condition satisfy their sexual desires. But for the common people, such abnormal behavior is plain and simple a criminal undertaking.

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