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In this penultimate editorial on the eve of the elections where the opposition is staking their best bets to achieve a return to power enough to overturn the mandate of the electorate set in 2016 and perhaps gradually reinstall elitist comforts and the hubris-laced governance they had become accustomed to under Benigno Aquino III, allow us a campaign valedictory.

Discerned from the hate speech recklessly regurgitated, slavered and subsequently spat out against the greater public, we know exactly who and what the opposition hates. By redirecting their fire from the original campaign issues of high prices, unemployment and poverty to directly attacking the President and his family, the opposition effectively draws the line between themselves and 80 percent of the public who’ve constantly awarded the President both satisfaction and approval ratings.

These statistics situate the opposition among the very small minority and among the elitist apex in an upright social pyramid representing our Filipino socio-economic classes.

Through their choice of candidates, however, lets travel to the other end. Allow us to go into the specific details of what the opposition wants as they peddle eight who they believe represent not just their objectives but more important, the best that they have to offer.

The latest survey ranks 30 senatorial candidates. Of the eight drafted by the opposition, only seven are included in the set of 30. We will divine the opposition using only the seven that the public has included. This is a mathematical misfortune for the opposition where they need eight voted into the existing Senate mix to prevent what the opposition fears might be a supermajority.

By raising the specter of a feared supermajority, the opposition assumes the Senate writes legislation and votes along bloc partisanship lines. They should have done their homework. A majority of those endorsed by the administration have voted independently.

This is not likely for the seven in the opposition where the public is asked to vote the bloc blindly.

Paolo Benigno Aquino IV is the opposition front-runner. His candidacy shows what the opposition wants. He is as much a symbol of political dynasties as he is of personality politics.
He likewise represents mediocrity.

Lying halfway among the 30 and outside the Magic 12, Manuel Roxas represents the opposition’s elitism and arrogance. The lack of empathy and self-absorbed indulgences he exudes underlie the trail of ineptitude, incompetence even corruption scandals linked to his record. Where his politics lies, his candidacy tells us the opposition not only allows for ineptitude and gross corruption but it also values fakery, falsehoods and publicity stunts.

Samira Gutoc-Tomawis is an unknown. Going by the information released through her campaign, she is one-dimensional. Her major merits are related to a single incident. Her candidacy shows us the opposition’s desperation and how they have a propensity to inflate political personages the way they inflated a dubiously qualified Leonor Robredo from mere nothingness to severe extraneousness.

Jose Manuel Diokno who is basically an academician is the opposition’s only upside.
Unfortunately his candidacy has blinded him. He would do better to be more equitable. When he says he will run after grafters, he should see several both past and present party stalwarts standing beside him.

Lawyering for both Gloria Arroyo and Robredo — the latter on charges of electoral fraud and cheating — characterizes Romulo Macalintal and shows us that the opposition would readily shift between the plain vanilla unprincipled to the dubiously principled depending on who pays higher. It’s akin the oldest profession in the world and the sex industry has a name for those workers who ply their trade based on monetary criteria.

The opposition shows its total lack of respect for the rule of law and our sacred Constitution through the candidacy of Gary Alejano. His candidacy likewise reveals to us that the opposition virtually endorses extra-legal means such as sedition, insurrection, mutiny and armed coups as means to force their will.

Lorenzo Tañada’s candidacy reinforces what Aquino’s Senate run tells us about the opposition — their preference for dynasties, their politics of personalities and their propensity for mediocrity.

These represent unacceptable desires of the opposition. In the next days we will see just how unacceptable these are.

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